Client Tools

You need not only the raw analysis data about your samples, you need tools to make the process of receiving, managing and using your data more convenient.  To this end we have developed an easy-to-use web portal. If you would like to find out more about our web portal, custom integration services, or other analytical tools, please contact us.

Web Portal


  • Access via desktop computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Intuitive and familiar web interface
  • Easily monitor all your open orders, including the task status throughout the work order process
  • Look up history on previous orders and download analysis results


  • You see real-time information from our system
  • Monitor the progress of your orders as your samples progress through the various workcenters and as each task is run
  • See when quality assurance has requested repeat work orders and additional tests are run, thus ensuring the highest reliability in your analysis results


  • Each user can see the newly available results specific to them
  • Search open or completed orders to easily find what you need
  • Filter your results to find a group of orders meeting specific criteria you define
  • Group your orders by projects


  • Through the client portal we can work together in real-time
  • You can explain the services you need over the phone and before you hang up you'll be ready to upload your samples list.
  • As we discuss changes you can see the results to ensure everything is exactly as you expect.
  • And more collaboration tools on the way.


  • All data is secured with 2048-bit RSA encryption
  • Analysis results are delivered as signed PDFs so that they can not be altered
  • Firewalls, plus multiple levels of application security protect your confidential information

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– Steve Jobs

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- Charles Darwin

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- Peter F. Drucker

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