1987 American Assay Laboratories was incorporated in Nevada.
AAL awarded the on site laboratory contract at Bond Gold Colloseum mine in California
AAL started construction on 2320 Last Chance Rd., ELKO, NV. full service laboratory (10,000 ft2 on 2.5 acres company owned).
1988 AAL started construction at 1500 Glendale Ave., SPARKS, NV. full service laboratory (18,000 ft2 on 2.5 acres company owned).
AAL ELKO contracts 24 hour turnaround assays to Ivanhoe Gold, Hollister Project and Goldfields and Santa Fe projects.
AAL SPARKS offers 24 hour turnaround analysis to Nevada clients.
1989 AAL ELY sample preparation laboratory opens for clients in the Ely, NV. area
AAL HELENA sample preparation laboratory opens for clients in the Helena, MT. area
George Burke is awarded an ARIZONA ASSAYERS licence.
AAL TUCSON full laboratory opens for clients in Az., Southern CA. and Mexico.
1994 AAL URUGUAY awarded the contract for the onsite laboratory of Uruguay Gold in San Jose, Uruguay.
AAL SPARKS adds a 8,000 ft2 high grade sample preparation/ cyanide laboratory to the property.
1996 AAL ENVIRONMENTAL passes all EPA testing requirements and offers environmental testing services. (ICP-OES, ICP-MS, IC, CN)
AAL METALLURGICAL offers bottle rolls and column testing to the full laboratory services
1997 AAL MENDOZA full service laboratory opens for clients in Argentina
1998 AAL MAZATLAN sample preparation laboratory opens for clients in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.
1999 AAL SPARKS wins Turquoise Ridge project contract and installs 2 Varian Axial Vista Pro ICP-OES for 24/7/365 operation
2001 AAL SPARKS installs Milestone High Pressure/High Temperature Microwave system
2004 AAL SPARKS installs PW2400 and ARL8410 WD-XRF
AAL SPARKS installs latest generation Varian ICP-MS with SPS3 autosampler
2005 AAL ELKO reactivated with Vickie Friesen(16 year employee) as laboratory manager
2006 AAL SPARKS installs ELTRA CHS500 analyzer
2006 AAL SPARKS installs 2 Panalytical Epsilon 5 ED-XRF.
2007 AAL SPARKS installs 2 Varian 730ES Axial ICP-OES with SPS3 autosamplers
2008 AAL SPARKS installs 3 TM 4 position 2kg bowl ring mills.
AAL SPARKS commissions LabSee job tracking software for client access and reporting.
AAL SPARKS installs 2 ELTRA CS800 analyzers
AAL SPARKS installs Thermo ICAP6500 radial ICP-OES with SC8 FAST autosampler
AAL SPARKS purchases Peterbilt GVW 58,000 lb truck with tracking software for heavy load pickup
AAL SPARKS commissions new fire assay laboratory with dedicated clean area, showers and lunch room
2009 AAL SPARKS installs Shimadzu XRD-6000 for mineral identification
AAL SPARKS installs DIONEX ICS 1100 RFIC ion chromatography system
AAL SPARKS installs 2 Varian 820 ICP-MS with SPS3 autosampler
AAL SPARKS installs 1 Varian 725ES Radial ICP-OES with SPS3 autosamplers
AAL SPARKS changes to Server 2008 platform with all Windows 7 computer systems
AAL SPARKS purchases and expands onto 1490 Glendale Ave., giving 3.5 acre laboratory site.
AAL SPARKS commissions a dedicated core saw cutting area with 4 11HP 20inch core saws under video surveillance
AAL SPARKS commissions 30,000cfm scrubber for all laboratory and fire assay emission control
2010 AAL SPARKS installs Panalytical XPertPro XRD with strip detector
AAL SPARKS installs Milestone DMA80 direct mercury analyzer.
AAL SPARKS installs 1 ton mixer for standard generation using grinding, ball milling and/or jet mill size reduction.
AAL SPARKS installs ELTRA ThermoStep multi temperature computer controlled LOI furnace
AAL SPARKS installs Sartorius MA150 automatic Moisture Analyzer
AAL SPARKS opens Conference Center with full audio visual capabilities at 1490 Glendale for employee training and client presentations
AAL SPARKS offers individual lockable 12x8x8 storage units (30 of) for secure client sample storage
2011 AAL SPARKS buys and expands into 1506 Glendale a 26,000 sq. foot laboratory on 1.3 acres (Total 4.8 acres)
AAL SPARKS installs ASPEX Explorer Scanning Electron Microscope
AAL installs ten new Cetax EXR-8 dedicated autosamplers.

ISO 17025 accreditation awarded
Web Portal setup for real-time client access to orders and analysis results.
NDEP (Nevada Department Enviromental Protection) accreditation awarded.

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– Steve Jobs

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- Charles Darwin

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