Fire Assay (FAPB)

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METHOD FA-PB30 $15.50

FA-PB60 $19.00

WEIGHT 30.0 or 60.0 grams
FUSION The sample is fused in a ceramic crucible with litharge,sodium carbonate at 1080C
CUPELLATION The 25-50 gram lead button is cupelled in a magnesite cupel at 900C for 60 minutes
PARTING The silver bead is parted with concentrated nitric acid
Hydrochloric acid is then added to generate chlorine and nitrosoyl chloride that dissolves the PGM sponge
ANALYSIS Gold , Palladium and Platinum may be determined by this technique.
Digested samples are read on an ICP-AES
Parted prills can be weighed and reported as gold.
LIMITATIONS ICP readings typically have a  +/- 3-5% variation.
Gravimetric determinations for gold and silver are less accurate at low levels (<3 ppm) but more acurate (<1% variation) above 3ppm than ICP.
Gravimetric reported gold results include any palladium, platinum and retained silver

Ag Silver
Au Gold
0.003 ppm 0.003 OPT
Pd Palladium
0.001 ppm ND
Pt Platinum
0.002 ppm ND

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