Scanning Electron Microscope

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  $150.00 SETUP
$150.00 PER HOUR
Particle Detection Efficiency Greater than 95%
Particle Sizing Precision 0.25 microns or better
Particle Sizing Accuracy 0.5 microns or better
Occurrence of False Positives Less than 1 per mm2
Particles Sized per Hour Up to 33,000
Particles Sized per Hour Up to 10,000
Particle Detection Range 30nm to 5mm
Detectors SED, Quad BSED, SDD EDX
Accelerating Voltage 0.2 to 25 KeV Continuous
Stage Movement 80mm x 100mm
Vacuum system High Vac and Variable Pressure
Lightest Element Detection Boron
EDX Resolution 135 eV
Sizing Algorithms Available RCA and CFA
FDA Compliance Level cGMP
Data Security 21 CFR part 11 Compliant*

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