Nevada Modified Acid-Base

Accounting (Sobek Method)

American Assay Laboratories offers an extensive range of Environmental services including ABA analysis as a method to assist you in predicting and assesing the acid generation and neutralization potential of your Mine Overburden Waste Rock and other Mine Materials with utilization of the guidelines set by the NDEP, i.e. Nevada Modified Sobek Procedure.

Samples with possible mixed sulfide mineralogy present a challenge to ABA analysis since the acid generation potential may be influenced by minerals other than pyrite. A combination of methods are therefore employed to properly evaluate the possible presence of acid producing materials.

Samples deemed to contain Siderite (FeC03) are subjected to peroxide oxidation treatment prior to back titration. The resulting ferric ion solution when filtered, upon titration, provides a more accurate account of the samples' neutralization potential.

Report will include all sulfur forms together with Acid Neutralization Potential (ANP), Acid Generation Potential (AGP), Net Neutralization Potential (NNP), and ANP/AGP ratio as required by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

Unit of measurement is ....TONS CaC03 EQUIV/ 1000 TON OF MATERIAL

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