X-Ray Analysis

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  • X-Ray Diffraction


XRD (X-Ray Diffraction)

AAL elemental analysis tells you part of the story.
Now we can elucidate your mineral assemblage using XRD.

Using the latest diffractometer technology Panalytical X'Pert Pro MPD with Co tube and programmable incident and diffrated slits coupled to the X'Celerator strip detector AAL can generate your diffractogram, use the latest deconvolution software Highscore Plus 3.0d/ICDD PDF4 minerals software to define your minerals.

Our 45 position autosampler enables us to provide cost effective mineral analysis. So whether it is calcite or dolomite or environmentally sensitive siderite we can detect it for you.

XRF, FTIR and Raman confirm the analysis.
$210 Basic XRD preparation and Qualitative mineral identification.

$410 Basic XRD preparation and mineral Quantification.

$630 XRD preparation (size extraction) and Clay Quantification.

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