Reflectance spectroscopy can be defined as a technique that uses the energy in the Visible, Near Infrared, and Short Wave Infrared wavelength regions of the electromagnetic spectrum to analyze minerals. The science and techniques of reflectance spectroscopy
are based on the spectral properties of the materials. Certain atoms and molecules absorb energy as a function of their atomic structures. The variety of absorption processes and their wavelength dependence allows us to derive information about the
chemistry of a mineral from its reflected or emitted light.

Our mineral spectrometer, the Terraspec Pro, is an instrument useful for analyzing a wide variety of geologic samples, including clays and rocks with darker mineral content. Terraspec is a compact and field portable precision instrument with a full spectral range (350-2500 nm), a fine spectral resolution, and rapid data collection. The Terraspec Prop analyzes the spectral reflectance characteristics of minerals.

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